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Summer raffle winners

Our Summer Raffle is now closed.

Here's a list of the lucky winning numbers in our Summer Raffle, drawn on Tuesday 23 August 2019. Thank you very much to everyone who took part and helped us raise over £75,000!

Hamper winners

Five wonderful super sellers won luxury Summer hampers this year:

  • Oxfordshire - Super Seller
  • East Sussex - Super Seller
  • West Midlands - Super Seller
  • Roxburghshire - Super Seller
  • Manchester - Super Seller

Crossword Prize Draw

The secret word hidden in the crossword was SUNSHINE. Congratulations to our winner in Berkshire who won £300 by answering this correctly!

Top prize winners

Our lucky top winners were:

  • £4,000 Mid Glamorgan - ticket 74345
  • £1,000 Shetland Isles - ticket 416415
  • £250 Norfolk - ticket 405063
  • £100 West Lothian - ticket 9366

£25 M&S voucher winners

Our 25 £25 M&S voucher winners were:

  • Cheshire - ticket 18065
  • Nottinghamshire - ticket 437246
  • Midlothian - ticket 8085
  • Buckinghamshire - ticket 46789
  • Oxfordshire - ticket 555392
  • Nottinghamshire - ticket 352577
  • Lanarkshire - ticket 170965
  • Wrexham - ticket 296317
  • Cornwall - ticket 234827
  • Cheshire - ticket 210551518 15/38
  • Essex - ticket 51991
  • County Durham - ticket 22562
  • Hertfordshire - ticket 531721
  • Kent - ticket 602163
  • Perthshire - ticket 309978
  • Merseyside - ticket 583727
  • Chard - ticket 484994
  • Middlesex - ticket 143653
  • Kent - ticket 337034
  • Hertfordshire - ticket 533572
  • Leicestershire - ticket 33037
  • Devon - ticket 85367
  • Surrey - ticket 373035
  • West Yorkshire - ticket 155498
  • Gloucestershire - ticket 71495

Money we've raised through raffles and lotteries in 2018

Thanks to generous supporters like you, we raised a fantastic £362,273 through entries to our raffles and lotteries in 2018. Our costs deducted from this were 29%, so we could spend 71% on our work to help people affected by MS.

Thank you again for your amazing support and good luck with your entries in our future raffles and lotteries!

This income was raised by MS Society under a licence from the Gambling Commission (no. 4989).   

Stay tuned for our Christmas raffle

Our next raffle will launch soon and you could win a fabulous prize in our Christmas draw.

Visit the raffle website from mid-October to take part.

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    Our minimum donation is £2, please enter a different amount.

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Every penny takes us a step closer to stopping MS.

Every penny takes us a step closer to stopping MS.